• We are about to begin a new game this evening and my associate is playing as Germany.  he is convinced that he can land in London on his first turn if he brings 2 additional kamikaze fighters to the battle from Poland (I think? Not in front of board right now).  I have never seen this attempted before, and I feel like there is good reason.  Has anyone ever seen this done successfully, or unsuccessfully?  Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum, MGustav.  🙂


    … if he brings 2 additional kamikaze fighters to the battle from Poland … I have never seen this attempted before …

    Maybe you did not see it before, because it is against the rules.

  • We just saw that rule actually.  I thought there was a reason we had determined it was impossible before.  Thank you for the clarification.

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    You are welcome, enjoy your game 🙂

  • It is impossible in G40 because there are no transports in range.  You can strafe London with your airforce and have a 2% chance of winning.  I would bet that a G2 Sea Lion would be very easy if you managed to remove 10 British units while miraculously losing only a few of your German air force.

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    I succeeded a Sea-Lion on G3, I caught my opponent by surprise and it required a Carrier, 1 DD and 1 TP built in Med sea to provide cover for Battleship and a Gibraltar invasion on G2 while attacking Egypt with 1 Italian Infantry and 1 Tank crossed Med Sea in Lybia G1 with 1 Fg landed in Lybia (returned on Carrier G2 NCM).
    On G1, I used 1 Fg (land on Carrier) and 1 StB to sink the UK Destroyer near Egypt.
    Three of my Fgs were placed in Western Europe in G2 NCM, ready to fly through Manche and make an assault on London.

    You may built a Carrier in Baltic with more TP to invade UK G2 but, usually the UK player see you coming.

    My strategy was a bit covert because I didn’t buy anything in Baltic and appeared to be a massive Naval investment to hold on to Africa and Med against USA (invading Morocco USA1).
    I accepted to loose a lot of planes since 2 TPs means only 3 fodders and 1 Tank to take hold of UK.

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    G1 buy just transports,and G2 make sure that you doing Sealion fully loaded(tank/infantry),use all 7 transports,all planes.Should be OK.

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    And use subs to block USA sending help to UK.

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