• I have read thru the posts and I want to make sure I have this correct.

    Hasbro created the first version of Axis and Allies. It could run on Windows 98/2000 and you could play it on the zone.com. It will not run on XP. Atari has come with a new version that will run on XP but it is not as good as the Hasbro version. Where can you buy and play the new version online?

    Thanks 🙂

  • I have the Hasbro version and it works fine on XP.

  • Where can you play it online?

  • Have never played the Hasbro version online, only against the AI, or as all 5 players usings strats from these boards.

    I THINK that Hasbro’s multiplayer is direct-link, meaning you and your opponent both need to be online at the same time, and one player makes a direct IP link using the Hasbro program.  Never did it before, so cannot be certain.

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