Lend Lease (1940)

  • (updated 1/05/17) Lend Lease:

    The US player can build units for Russia, UK, and ANZAC.  The units that can be built are; tanks, mech, and aircraft.  There are separate Lend Lease IPC pools that are allocated by the US player during each turn.  
    Procedure: While US NOT AT WAR, can spend 2 IPCs to roll 1d6 for each leasing player and add that number to the LL IPC pool for that power.  WHEN AT WAR, the US player can spend an additional 2 IPCs for another dice roll for each power and add that to their LL IPC pool.  During the lending player’s turn, they may spend these pools to build units in the US, and get them transported to a territory under their control.

    1. The leasing player purchases and builds the units in either SZ10 or SZ101.  Place the unit with a LEASE marker.  
    2. Movement is done by the US player.  Transport destination SZ is; UK: SZ109 or SZ119;
    RU: SZ127, SZ5, or SZ80; AN: SZ62 or SZ63.  Once in the destination SZ, offloading is done by the leasing player, and cannot move any farther that turn.  Offloading is a non-combat move.
    3. Movement is a 2 or 3 sea zone step process.  2 step movement to UK is done via SZ106;
    to RU-SZ127 is done via SZ123 or SZ119; to RU-SZ5 is done via SZ8; to AN is done via SZ48 or SZ50.  3 step movement to SZ80 is done via SZ88 and SZ71.
    4.  If there are screening defensive warships, any number of the attack dice can be pre-allocated to rolls against the lease units.  However this will incur a defensive dice roll of 1d6 with hit on 1 for each lease unit.  If there are NO screening warships, the is still a defense roll of 2d6 with hit on 4 for each.

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