New naval base defence ability

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    New Naval Base Defence Ability

    An operational naval base will receive a 1@1 defence roll during each combat round when being attacked by an amphibious assault. This defence roll is made during the sea battle portion of the assault as well as the land battle.

  • Hi YG,

    I’ve used your other version of this for 2 games now:  “Naval Bases get 3@1 preemptive rolls against attacking amphibious assault.  Rolls are made after the naval portion of the battle and preemptive to the land portion of the battle.  Attacker may apply hits to any land, sea or air units participating in any portion of the assault.”

    It just adds a little extra “punch” to the Naval Bases / Sea Defenses.  I like the way the 3@1 kind of gets the rolls over and done with.  Also, I’ve found that this really helps a player to dig-in on territories that can have a lot of turnover … like Gibraltar.

  • Also,  I’ve been toying with the idea to allow a player to build MULTIPLE Naval Bases / Sea Defense Fortifications in the same territory.

    This would hence compound their effects.  So lets say in Gibraltar, 2 or even 3 NBs could be stacked.  This would allow the defender to make rolls for each operational base.  Defender could apply damage from bombing raids as desired among the bases present.

    Any thoughts regarding this?

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