• Looking at the board, strategizing for my next game, it occurs to me how valuable an airbase on Syria could be.  Not only does it protect both 98 and 99 seazones, but planes can reach Gibraltar, Moscow, and India.  If I’m playing in the Mideast as Britain (the only time this would be relevant), then I’d like to take Turkey by round 5, but Germany’s usually threatening Moscow by round 6.  From Syria planes can attack Turkey and get to Moscow in time in the same move.

    Anyone know of a way to bait Italy into taking Syria by round 2?  Taranto would be out of course.  So would an aggressive Mideast takedown, though I would still need enough in the area to take it round 3.  Hmm…

  • The top league players usually don’t take French territories, they just strafe them, because they don’t want to see US facilities there in the later turns. But, if you are up against family members or some casual neighbor, you should be able to lure them into taking Syria. Maybe put a bait there ?

    An experienced Italy will usually take Cyprus ASAP to keep UK from never get their NO. To set up the bait, you will need to make a fake Taranto raid, make the attack so weak and spread out that it fails and you will have to retreat, on this point you need to blame your crazy move on some new strategies you are testing, and land some aircrafts unprotected in Syria. Your ships will by sunk by German aircrafts next turn, and this is good because it frees Italian forces to make a landing in Syria to kill your airforce there. Making your Turn 4 AB not come cheap. But then, it is this kind of strategies that surprise your opponents, the huge sacrifice for the less gain

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    Not sure I can add much to Narvik’s post about luring Italy into taking Syria, except perhaps giving them a sniff at Iraq.

    Feels pretty risky unless playing a weaker opponent.

    Of course another option is an AB in Cyprus. The downside to that one is needing to TT cannon fodder across to protect your aircraft. But the advantages are considerable, as they are for Syria.

    Nevertheless in my experience thus far I usually don’t get to an AB I either Syria or Cyprus, given the demand for limited resources elsewhere.

  • You’re probably right that I’d need to sacrifice a plane as bait and leave Iraq open to move into afterwards for Italy to think it’s worth it.  And then probably not even have enough in the area (lest it discourages him) to take Iraq back and Syria at the same time.  I’d have to strafe Iraq so that he can’t retake Syria, but otherwise let him get further oil NO’s farther east.  The payoff probably isn’t worth it unless the opportunity comes up.  But something to keep in mind if it ever does.

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    One of the best use I saw for an air base in Syria is when Italy built one I2. German bombers landed there G3 and can opened for Japan in SZ37 on G4 and then landed in Siam.

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    usually Italy will only have 1 transport, this is best used taking Gibraltar or Cyprus (or even malta.  Malta is the base he can strat bomb you from with an AB).

    I don’t know of any way to tempt them out of sync into them taking a territory if they can only bring 2 units, they wont try.  The allies need Syria as a landing spot during med air attacks.  Italy needs Syria because its a perfect entrée into the oil patch.

    The Italian air base with german air help going to india is one of the strongest new strats I’ve heard of.

    So, if that’s their plan, they’re going to take Syria…no need to tempt them.

  • The best way I can think of is to attack Iraq, and let the Italians have the left over infantry from the strafe.  They will probably take Syria for the easy money and won’t think twice about it.

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