Rules changes posted by Krieghund impact ANZAC movement?

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    Regarding the rules changes that Krieghund posted on the Global 1940 FAQ:


    Page 39, Political Situation, National Objectives, and Bonus Income, ANZAC: �It may, however, move units into Dutch territories as a noncombat movement at any time, as long as they have not yet been captured by an Axis power. It may actually take control of Dutch territories (gaining their IPC income) by moving land units into them as a noncombat movement, as long as they have not yet been captured by an Axis power.�

    If I am reading this correctly, this means that ANZAC is no longer able to land planes in Java (or other Dutch East Indies islands) before it has moved land units in to claim the territory. Is this correct?


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    From what I see, it says that ANZAC may control them and gain their IPC income with a land unit. Doesn’t say anything about not landing planes on them, Dutch is an Allied territory after all,… you just can’t control them for their IPCs with just an air unit.

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    Looks like it is a clarification more than a change.  I wasn’t aware that you could land planes there until the forum family pointed it out, it just looks like whether that was originally intended or not, that the original wording states that declaring a protectorate was possible with air units. Obviously that isn’t cool at all;  none of us ever played that fighters could take the DEI alone that I know of since air has never been able to capture any territory in any AxA.

  • Dutch are part of the Allies, they are not neutral. Dutch territories have always been valid landing zones for Allied aircraft.

    Rule “change” is a clarification and not an actual change, I agree.

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