• Hi Everyone,

    With all the interest in WWI style A&A games, I am happy to say that the Guild of Blades has been working on the 3rd edition of its WWI variant, The War to End All Wars.

    The War to End All Wars was originally released in 1998 and has been the Guild’s best selling A&A variant over the years. We’ve collected a great deal of feedback since that time and have redesigned the game. The War to End All Wars 3rd edition will be releasing in March 06,

    The new 3rd edition has an all newly designed map thats 50% larger than the previous edition.  You can see a copy of the new game map in the files section of our Empires of History Yahoo Discussion Group.

    The 3rd edition is also moving away from the plastic tokens the previous edition used and will now come with more than 1,100 oversized full color cardboard chit counters.

    Anyway, we’ll be updating our WWI web pages soon with information on the forthcoming 3rd edition, and making release announcements to our Empires of History Discussion list and elsewhere.

    If anyone here had the previous editions, I will be happy to go over what changes have been made to the rules. I can tell you the two biggest changes are how resources are tracked, the addition of colonial cities, dramatic changes in the U-boat rules and the addition of rivers and mountains.

    Oh, the 3rd edition will stay at the 2nd edition price of $34.95. 🙂

    Ryan S. Johnson
    Guild of Blades Publishing Group

  • Hi Ryan,

     Could you give us an update on the “Empires of History: World War ll” game. 

    Any approx date for release?  Still wating for additional pre-orders?

  • Hi,

    Empires of History: WWII will also be releasing in March of 2006. It too will be using our new style of game counters and has about 1,200 full color oversized chit counters.

    The game will come with laminated maps. Two of them actually. One for Europe and one for the Pacific. Each map is approximately 21" x 33". The maps include the primary areas of battle in both Europe (Meaning Europe, Russia, North Africa, Middle East) and the Pacific (China, India, Japan, Australia and the pacific out to about Midway). The rest of Africa and both North and South America are represented by a nmber of off map zone boxes along the edges of the maps. But we have plans to release all three as map expansions later.

    Anyway, we’re still working and completing the last of the design work on the map, so we don’t have that to show. But all the units are done and at the printer right now, as is the play testing. So we have the last of the graphical design on the map to do and the rules to layout for printing.

    The game will now retail for $47.95.

    We will also be releasing Empires of History: WWII Extra Armies ($11.95) which includes the color counters for all the neutrals in the world, as well as WWII: Alien Invasion as a variant to be played with the core game.

    Ryan S. Johnson
    Guild of Blades Publishing Group

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