AA1914 - Ship Cost Changes

  • Hello everyone.

    Will be trying to downcost the cruisers and subs in AA WWI to see if this makes for more interesting naval conflicts. So far everyone only buys BBs and transports and I was loathe to increase BB cost as it would only make them too expensive and therefore removed from the game.

    I figure that Cruiser cost of 7 and Sub cost of 5 will allow smaller fleets and therefore more choice in resource affectation.

    Based on that cost, 5 Cruisers vs 3 BBs (35 IPCs vs 36) or 7 Subs vs 3 BBs (35 vs 36) yield the same theoretical outcome of BBs winning with 1 or 2 left and all remaining damaged. To me this makes sense because it still gives you the advantage of benefiting from your higher one-time costs of BBs yet still give you the chance to look into more slowly building up a force while not comprimising too much ground, which smaller powers could benefit from.

    At current costs of 9 and 6, Cruisers and Subs are just pointless; with this kind of odds, I hope they will be better.

    Any thoughts?

  • I like subs at 6, but agree is 9 for CA is too much considering lack of capabilities (except move 3).  Would reduce to 8 OR would like to suggest giving it ASW capability to effect sub movement like a mines.  If sub entered a sea zone with a CA, it is subject to die roll of 1 for a kill.  This makes a CA much more valuable.

  • Disciplinary Group Banned

    To bad you don’t have the VANN FORMULAS, that will tell you exactly what you need to know.  8-)

  • @Dauvio:

    To bad you don’t have the VANN FORMULAS, that will tell you exactly what you need to know.  8-)

    You wrote this on my YouTube channel… tell me why I shouldn’t block you from making these types of comments.

    “I’m all for custom maps, but please game masters only stick to that, and nothing else. Leave the rest to the Grand Masters.  I wish us Grand Masters can tell that to Larry Harris (SO CALL WAR GAMING) that!!!  He is exactly like Ernő Rubik the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube, but Ernő Rubik didn’t know how to solve it.  Larry Harris is a embarrassment to the Grand Master’s community of games (that’s all the board, and video games that ever existed).  He is only there to make money on all you people on selling you flawed A&A games. He doesn’t care about anybody else except himself.  And for those who follow him like a god, your lucky you didn’t bump into a Grand Master in person either!!! SO SAITH A GRAND MASTER!!! Yeah it’s my PATTON, STEVE JOB’S attitude again. Without guys like use you people would still be stuck in the stone age, and Larry Harris is below the stone age, and us Grand Masters is the highest level you people can get which I highly doubt you will ever get to that level because of Larry Harris!!! 😄 😄 😄 LOL!!! And that is me being very generous with you people. HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE!!!”

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