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  • I’m currently playing a game where Sealion had happened. I’m playing the allies and declared war with UK on round 1 on Japan. We are now playing in round 3. My opponent left Japan open, not realising USA may declare war after a succesfull Sealion. The notes on TripleA describe the following on USA DOW.
    If USA is not at war with Germany or Italy, USA may only move its units to sea zones touching USA territories and also Sea Zone 102.
    If USA is not at war with Japan, USA may not move its units into sea zones touching Japanese controlled territories.
    USA cannot go to war against the Axis until the beginning of PU collect phase of USA 3, unless of course an Axis power attacks it first.
    Once at war, the Minor Factories in continental USA upgrade to Major Factories automatically for free, and may be used immediately.

    But if you look op the rules in the European rulebook (page 37), you can read that USA may also declare war if London falls. The engine got this correctly, you may declare war with USA if london falls. But can someone please change this in the notes? So there will be no misunderstandings in the future!

    Many thanks!  🙂

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    Better do not play using TripleA relying on the completeness of the TripleA game notes. Always use the rulebook.
    The game notes in TripleA can never reflect the complete ruleset. That’s why the game notes state:


    The game is not meant to take over your responsibility in knowing the rules. For example, the game engine is not always going to restrict or allow certain attacks. It is your responsibility to know the rules and abide by them. Most of the game notes that follow can be thought of as differences compared to WWIIv3 or WWIIv4 rules but obviously are not a complete manual for the game.

    Anyway, if you want to address the developpers for considering your suggestion, better use the development forum:

  • Thanks Panther, I will address the developpers right away  🙂

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