• Have any of you ever modified some of the Sea Zones in the Pacific?  I am thinking about doing the following.  Would like comments and suggestions.

    SZ6 - Japan:  Would be divided into two along the central “spine” of Japan.  Convoy Zone and Kamikaze marker would be repeated.  This would allow Japan to more safely mobilize sea units in the Sea of Japan between Korea and Mainland Japan.  This is basically the same divide that exists in the '42 2nd Edition version of A&A.

    SZ’s 7 and 16:  Would be split in half with a North-South line.  This would prevent both Japan and US from directly attacking each other via Hawaii.  Instead, it would be necessary to launch (or hit) Midway or Aleutian Islands first.

    SZ 30 - Johnson Island:  Would be split with an East-West line in the “lower part”.

    **SZ 50 - Fiji:  **  Would be split an East-West line just below the island of Fiji.

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