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G40 Balance Mod 3.0 - Rules and Download

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    Here is a combat move in a league game that I thought was illegal, but TripleA allowed:
    Combat Move - Americans
    1 artillery moved from Queensland to 54 Sea Zone
    1 marine moved from Queensland to 54 Sea Zone
    1 artillery, 1 marine and 1 transport moved from 54 Sea Zone to 35 Sea Zone
    1 artillery and 1 marine moved from 35 Sea Zone to Philippines
    1 bomber moved from Java to Philippines
    1 submarine moved from 33 Sea Zone to 35 Sea Zone

    This is a link to the game:

    There are 2 things about this move that I thought were illegal or not possible, or I am mistaken about one and/or the other:

    1. I thought a single transport could only carry one land unit and an additional infantry (2E Rules pg 33). In this combat the single transport carried both an artillery and a marine.
    2. I thought a submarine defending a sea zone prevented a transport from conducting an amphibious assault unless accompanied by a SURFACE warship. In this combat the transport was escorted by a submarine only.

    Please comment as to the true rules.

  • 2018 2017 2016 2015

    1. Not sure
    2. The requirement is warship. It does not need to be surface

  • 2019 2018 2017

    So who knows the answer to my query #1. Can Marines indeed be loaded onto a single transport with an artillery, or even another Marine or a Tank?

  • 2017

    Marines are like infantry for transports, so you can load 2 marines or 1 marine and 1 tank.

  • 2019 2018 2017

    Well, that increases their value significantly. I wish I would have known this earlier. It would be easy to say that in the “notes”. I suggest the next update, that it says that in the notes.

  • 2017

    If you can load a marine easier than an infantry (since infantry can’t be loaded in cruisers and BBs), I hope they are at least as easy to be loaded on transports as infantry.

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