Troop Transport (non-assault)

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    This can also be called the shuck transport, this represents an ocean liner or large non-combat vessel that transports troops from port to port and is not capable of launching an amphibious assault. It has the same capacity, speed and zero-combat value of the 7 IPC Amphibious Transport but costs 4 IPCs. I’m not certain but in the long run this should save the US some resources required for shucks across the Atlantic, and if the German player is napping on the coast the US player could simply use a few regular transports to take a coastal territory and then reinforce it with troops from non-combat transports.

    This could be used by Japan to cheaply reinforce the mainland from home, and there are some circumstances where the UK could use this to provide reinforcements from the distant South Africa IC. Thoughts? I don’t think this is a huge boost for the Allies but could be beneficial since the sheer expense of moving troops across the Atlantic is a drain on the US economy.

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    I like the way you think GV, and I’m also trying to solve the same problem…

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