Global 1940, Russian movable factories

  • So here is an extra unit for Russia

    The Mobile Factory (M-F)

    The Rule

    Russia can build a M-F

    an white truck at the cost of 12 IPC
    it funtions as a factory
    factory of 2

    you can deploy the M-F only next to a different Factory
    or conferd an minor factory into a Mobile factory for free

    it can either move or deploy and build units
    you can only move controlled areas.

    you can produce up to 2 units from this factory
    move your the truck up to 2 spaces trough controlled area

    Strategic and tactical bombing raids

    boming the M-F can only be done with a Stratic bombing raid
    a M-F can get a total of 4 damage
    if it gets 5 damage it is destroyed

    Not a fighting unit,
    it can not partipate in any other way in combat

    the M-F occupy an entire Transport
    and cannot build units when its not on main land
    and there for cannot build when stationed on a island

    Conquering Territory
    if a enemy force gain control of the land area a M-F is currently in,That enemy takes control of the M-F.

    Multiple Facilitys on the same territory
    if a Mayor or Minor factoy is in the same space as the M-F you can use only 1

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