• Hey guys,

    Sorry for the possibly silly question, but it is our first time playing 1914. We are wondering if there was a certain number of turns before games end? One of our group said he thought that there were a set # of turns. Others in our group believe that you play to victory via the capital capture rule. Does anyone know ???

    Thank you all!!!

  • Hi Larrie.  There’s no set number of turns. You play until somebody meets the victory conditions. Although realistically I’ve never actually played a game out until the end. Usually it’s obvious when one side is beaten and we just call it at that point.

    Hope you enjoy the game.  It isn’t perfect by any stretch but I love it.

  • The game needs a different set of Victory conditions.  As the war progresses, less and less men and material are available, regardless of the amount of IPCs coming in.  So, a couple of things -

    1. there should be a home morale index, go below it and your govt surrenders (conditions TBD)
    2. unit availability should decrease and/or cost should increase at points in the game (turn 5, up +1 for example), exception USA not affected.  Thus game might grind to a halt (AP victory) or could be accelerated if the weaker power cannot build enough to defend (probably a CP victory).

  • Hi there.

    I agree with drsnidely. Usually you should play the game until it becomes evident that one side is going to lose.

    I play regularly with a group of equally-matched friends strategically and the game can still be undecided by turn 10 at times. Usually though, by that time one side will have a clear advantage and it would just be pointless to continue for a couple of hours for the unavoidable to happen.

    I expect you should start to see how the game will go by turn 5, so plan for at least 7 turns and be prepared to fight it out for longer if strategy and chance dictate a close game.

    Enjoy !

  • Great replies, guys.  I agree and concur with them all.

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