• I want to show my newly created table for Global War. It is different from most other projects I have seen:

    • Takes 10min to set up - no tools required

    • I do not have a permanent ‘wargaming room’, so everything can be packed and stored using 25cm storage space. 4 pieces of 2cm thick plywood & 3 pieces of plexiglass

    • The map is 1meter from the floor. Players can thus comfortably play a whole day without ‘back injuries’

    • The frame can support 100kg, so players can lean onto the table

    • We are only 2 players, so mobility around the table is very important. Hence, we do not sit down around the table

    • Around 70cm at one end, for tech, attack/defense, dices etc.

    • Original Global War vinyl map from HBG - the largest one currently available

    • Covered in plexiglass to protect the map

    • We play onsite at both players. All players have the same board material stored (frame, plexiglass etc.) We only have to transport the unit pieces and the rolled-up vinyl map

    • Each country has its own box for units. Can support Global’s many different units by only having 1-2 units in each square

    • Unit boxes are placed on another table (not shown)

    Some images below:

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    Very nice… so you keep the maps rolled up and unroll them and put the plexiglass sheets over them when its time to play?

    No chairs?  No CHAIRS?  For a game as long as Global War… man, you’re killing me… I gotta have chairs!  😄

    I love your unit bins… where’d you get em?  What’s the make/model of the bins?

  • Yes, the map is rolled up in a round poster-container.

    The unit bins are just a normal box for nails/screws. I got mine from here:

    I bought them when we were playing regular A&A Global 1940. If I were to do it over again, I would get boxes with more rooms to cater for the many new unit types in Global War. Having each unit separated reduces the time spent searching for what you need.

    When you only play 2 people, you move around all the time  :roll: But lets just say that after 14 hours you start to get ‘battle-fatigue’  :lol:

  • Here is an image when everything is stored:

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    Oh you’re from Denmark… so no Danish version of Global War map?  Can’t be moving non-stop around that board… how bout we settle on a barstool or two? lolz!  😄

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    Very impressive setup!  Looks great and also looks very practical.

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    Munck, I’m glad you were able to get your Global Game Setup. I’m jealous of the room you got to put a table up, LOL.

    Awesome job. Nice smooth and clean. 😄

  • When I was playing A&A I thought about making a custom map like so many others on this board have done. Back then I wanted a magnetic map to put up on a wall.

    But since the new Global War map came out late last year I have not looked back. The large version of the map is 1,2m wide so it is not feasible to make a magnetic version of it. Hence, my current setup.

    I’ll make a note about a couple of barstools for the next upgrade :mrgreen:

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    I’m very glad I took the dive to making a couple of enlarged vinyl maps.  I don’t have a permanent war room like Young Grasshopper… I don’t even have the space to setup a temp table like Munck… but I did have a fairly large kitchen island which doubles as my war room hub, so it was large enough to stick a couple of large maps on (with barstools!).  So happy I could pull that off!

    Bigger maps are definitely better.

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    Excellent work!  I love how it folds up so easily.

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