Police claim Tony Dungy's son died of suicide.

  • All of the articles I clicked on give no details on the death.
    Only a single sentence by the police that there is evidence of a suicide.
    Everybody who knew this kid growing up is “surprised” by this event.

    He has a girlfriend, a great dad, he gets to travel.  The articles gave absolutely no reason for the suicide.  Suicide victims have a general tendency to telegraph it to people ahead of the act.  So far, no one has stepped forward with that info.  Folks who were with the son on Monday said he was acting just like himself and even cracking jokes.  It makes no sense that this laid-back, good kid would do such a thing.

    Anyone else suspect a cover-up or foul play???




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    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Dungy family.  Really tragic.

    I hadn’t heard anything about a suicide till seeing those links.
    I thought I read something about no foul play earlier in the day.
    I suppose it could have been accidental, maybe he mixed the wrong type of stuff???
    I suppose it could have been drug related, but everything I’ve heard and read would seem to negate that.
    And there are instances of young people having heart problems or something.

    At this point there is too much unknown for me, I’ll just wait for the coming reports.

    In any case, what a tough situation, and right around the Holidays too.  Really really sad.   😢

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