• Hello Folks,

    it took some time, but i had the pleasure to play with three fellows face to face another game of axis & allies 1940 global. But as usual it took long before the game reaaaaaaalllly startet (haha) and therefore i would like to ask you, members of this board, to describe me what course the game would have taken if it would be continued.

    I took some fotographs and edited it into tripleA. We stopped during J6, after a succesful attack on India. Germany came under some trouble, but you surely will see that.

    see xml-file beneath

    rock on!
    2016_04_27_ 1940_global.xml

  • I usualy take pictures of the gametable and copy the setup at home, more time to make some tactick plans. :wink:
    As we continue we first take 10 minutes to check te board.

    Works for us.

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    Take pictures and convert to TripleA. That’s what we have done in the past.

  • obviously my question has not been answered. hm…

    maybe i try it this way: who won?

    see pictures below.


  • 2 more pix


  • 2 more pix


  • 2 more pix


  • another pair of pix


  • mais 2 imagens


  • die letzten zwei Bilder


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    Obviously Germany is about to fall, which means its an eventual Axis loss, as Japan can’t hold out alone forever.

    You should look into getting a bigger map printed out, everyone looks so squished!

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    I’m not quite sure whether Germany would fall immediately, because I can’t really see how many US units there are in Denmark. But from what I can see, it may not be quite enough, which means that Germany would hold for at least this round. Germany has enough income to build a lot of infantry, and the US split its forces between Denmark and Southern France.

    But the Axis prospects seem poor, in the long run. Britain looking good, pressing in Southern Europe and in Russia, which will lead to significant Axis income loss in the next few rounds because they can’t affors to spend money there if they also need to keep the US out of their homelands.

    Japan doesn’t seem to be ready to take either Honolulu or Sydney any time soon, though the Pacific may require some additionat US attention if they try. The US can easily afford that, though.

    Allied victory will become clear within the next few rounds, I’d say.

  • No way, I give this to Axis hands down.  Germany is not about to fall.  From a limited overhead view it looks like US can only attack Western Germany with 7 inf, 2 mech, 3 tanks, 3 figs, 1 tac.  Remember that you can’t blitz through territories with complexes or ICs, so Southern France can’t join the fight through France.  Germany has it seems about 14 inf, a couple art, 3 AAA, and several fighters.  But even if US did take Western Germany, there’s no way he’s taking Berlin, and Germany would just take it back.  He has an additional Russian treasury to buy back with as well.  He’s lost his impetus on the eastern front sure, so the game won’t be won there, and UK will take Moscow back this turn.  However, Japan is super strong right now, having taken India and all the DEI, and opened a road through Siberia.  I’m guessing he’s looking at 90+ income and he already has a naval advantage over America, especially if he hasn’t placed units yet.  He should be able to take Sydney or Honolulu in 4 turns and with Germany on pure defense, allies aren’t taking and holding either Berlin or Rome.

  • My question is how did Japan manage to take India, DEI, Siberia, and what seems to be most of China by round 6?  I can see doing any two of those things by then, but certainly not all 4.  Plus a Moscow crush by G6 means an overall solid Axis play.

  • I am grateful for your comments. Therefore i like to answer your questions.

    As Germany i bought for starters only artillery, later mostly just tanks and mech. I lost some planes due bad dice, so i took moscow with just one tank, two tacs and 1 strategic bomber left. Germany has 79 IPCs in the treasury. The allies were keen to do KGF, which was noticeable about round 3, so I took some precautions to that event buying some inf etc. round 4, 5 and 6.

    Russia defended well, but didn�t move troops from Leningrad back to Moscow. This did the trick, actually. I kind of lured him into it. This worked quite well.

    Japan just took India kind of following the idea of Submersed Elk with his “J2/I2” plan. It worked quite well. America never really interfered in the Pacific, so Japan had nothing else to do than conquering all spots possible to reach. One by one. Islands taken in J3, 2 MinorICs built, too. China got smashed in Round 4, India J6. Most battles were extra-safe.  :wink:
    Japan bought 1 AC, 2 des, 2 trn, 1 fig and 4 inf. Still not placed, income is at 75 sth.
    Russia tried as well to split Japanese forces helping out in China. It took 2 rounds to knock this big stack out, one Russian inf still being left there in manchuria.

    The UK had some problems getting into the game, because Italy disturbed its progress in africa just by active defense. Which means attacking only when necessary and with good odds just for delaying movements.
    I forgot to mention that those british troops in the caucasus and yugoslavia are mere ideas of the british player of future moves.

    Italy had some bad dice at the beginning, never made more than 18 IPCs but helped out in the east can-opening.

    In denkmark the US has 6 inf, 2 mech, 3 tnk.  Income at 85. Played well, but split his forces.

    ANZAC only forgot one NO.

    I did some testing in TripleA and could win as Japan taking Australia easily, even with an US poised to save it from this. Germany could still generate an income above 40 for some rounds due to sticking to moscow etc. My plan is/was just to hold and defend actively until Japan would eventually win.

    I hope this game can be continued one day…

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