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    I want some clarification on how to approach a specific scenario.  Lets say there is a Japanese fleet with an AC and 2 fighters based off of Western Australia in sz 56 while Japan currently occupies Western Australia.  Now the US attacks Western Australia from South Australia and also attacks the fleet during the same round.

    Can the US player choose to resolve the land battle first which could possibly force any stranded planes to crash? As far as I can tell the only stipulation on choosing combat is that air raids must come first, followed by amphibious assaults and then general combat.  Since the attack on western Australia is not amphibious the US can select the land battle to take place first correct?

  • The US can choose to fight the battles in either order, but it won’t matter. Defending planes that lose the carrier holding them in combat get 1 movement to land after the Combat phase is done, so at that point it would already be determined if they had a friendly place to land regardless of the battle order. The landing is done after the whole combat phase to avoid confusion of planes getting to defend twice, which they don’t.

  • It would be beneficial for the US to do the sea combat first to ensure a sort of extra risk for the japanese player.
    Lose the carrier first and the US can pull out but they might land. Lose the air first and your carrier is nearly sitting duck.

    The other way the japan player knows the planes are lost immediately on taking a hit on the carrier.

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