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    I can’t believe I can’t find anyone in the 4th largest metro area of the USA to play a face to face game. Don’t be a wimp! I’m not that good and I’ll buy beer and pizza.

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    I can’t either… I’m down I-10 from you, and when you can’t find players in Houston, it makes me nervous about Pensacola!

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    I am in Katy. Heineken is fine.

  • I’m in The Heights and want to play!

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    We have a live Global40 game scheduled in Houston, TX area (Sugar Land) beginning Friday June 24th at 12pm and finishing probably dinner time Saturday June 25th. I am smoking a brisket and sausage in the back yard for the victory dinner after we conclude Saturday evening. We will be using the revised South Texas house rules. If you would like to attend, please PM me and I will send you the address, rules for review, and my phone number. We currently have 3 players confirmed. Bring your own adult beverages. Sodas and water provided as well as snacks. Game is relaxed atmosphere. Hope to see the Texas players out in force. I will update as we fill the roster.


  • Hey, I know this is old, but I’d like to organize or play the game with 3 or 6 other people. Maybe teams of two a weekend in Dec.

    Hit me up if anyone is interested.  Thx

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    Just post the proposed date and there are a few of us who can make it I’m sure. Weekends are best. Start early Saturday and finish mid afternoon Sunday.
    I’m in.

  • Sugar Land here; drop me a line if anyone is interested

  • I want to play!  I live in Jersey Village… can host or travel.  Looking for some G40 fun.  Give me a shout…

    Take care…  Allen

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