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    This may be a silly question, but I just need clarification

    Can you strategic raid an airbase to render the scramble impossible and then have an adjacent sea battle safely knowing that defending land based fighters cant lend a hand?

    Germany turn 1 (G1) 1 x Strat bomber raids the airbase in England and in the same combat move round, naval and air assualt the UK sea zones and fleets.

    I believe raids are carried out BEFORE normal combats??

    Thanks all

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    They are, but they are still carried out after scrambles. At the end of the attacker’s combat movement.

  • As Simon says.
    It goes.

    Combat Movement -> Choose to Scramble -> Conduct Combat (StratBombing, Amphib etc.)

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    aaaahhh….yes of course! The planes are in the air before the bombs drop on the runway.  Makes sense.

    Thanks for clearing that up guys

    Much appreciated

  • If you don’t want UK to scramble during your amphibious assault, you need some Italian Bombers to raid the Airfield, and now UK have no change to repair it before Germany attack.

    The rules are made this gamey way because the designer love the idea of teamwork.

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