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    An allied battleship decides to be in a Kamikaze Sea Zone of Iwo Jima at the end of the turn all by itself. On the Japanese following turn, can they use it’s Kamikaze opportunity on the battleship?

    In the rules, it says that the Kamikaze’s are used only for defence when an Allied Ships come into a Kamikaze SZ. This Allied ship in my example is NOT attacking, it’s just sitting there, maybe by mistake or curiousness.

    What happens? Is the Battleship at a great risk? Does the Kamikaze rule apply here?


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    No, it doesn’t apply. But if a sub moves into the SZ by stealth and the BB attacks it, K would apply.

    The Kamikaze zone in Iwo Jima is more of a novelty than anything. It does prevent BB bombardment though. More useful is the SZ6 Kamikaze - you can build a DD in the SZ, then the Allied BB must decided whether to engage it or retreat. Engaging it invokes Kamikaze possibilities.

  • Thanks Simon for your reply.

    I used Iwo Jima for the example to keep the question I had in mind simple. I always saw the K zones ALWAYS a threat and then thought about my example, re read the rules and then thought I’d ask!


  • Kamakazes require the Allies to initiate combat in that zone. You get the option to deploy them at the end of an Allies combat move, before combat is resolved, and only then.

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