• i dont quite understand how damage work……for example tiger 1 attacks croc and make a roll 7 success…croc gets disrupt counter. at the same turn(assult phase) SS panther attacks croc and roll 7 success…does croc get damage counter?

  • Yes, that is exactly right.

    If a unit takes two hits in a phase, it gets a disrupted counter.  Three hits in one phase, it gets a destroyed counter.

  • so croc has dmg counter……next phase tiger attacks again and roll 6(but considering croc has 6 def now due to -1 def) success does it get destroyed counter or distrupt counter?

  • No, the -1 on armor is only applied on unit with face up counters.

    When you get a hit, the counters are placed face down on the map.  At the end of the turn, all the counters are places face up (execpted for special case … ex : german sniper head shot ability )

    So a unit has the same armor for the entire turn.

  • but if the tiger attacks the croc on the next assault phase (next turn), then the croc has a disrupted face up counter and its defense is 6 instead of 7.  which means, you must place an additionnal face down disrupted counter on the croc.  the only time you can destroy a vehicle without having 3 hits in the same phase is if the vehicle is already damaged (face up) and you score 2 hits on the vehicle in one phase, or if you prefer, 2 damaged counters = 1 destroyed counter

  • thank you or clearing that out for me

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