Industrial Production Plant Sculpts on E-Bay

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    Hey folks… no, I’m not selling any, and I don’t personally know anybody who is, but I just thought as “a community service”, I noticed a couple of different sellers on E-Bay with the oh-so-coveted Industrial Production Plants (a dozen per sale) currently on E-Bay… HBG lists these plants, but never has them in stock (and I already have 24 for my bins)… so… if anyone is looking for some, they are currently on E-Bay…

    Also, if they get sold out before you get any, E-Bay is a good way to get your hands on some… just do a search for “Axis and Allies Replacements” or “Axis and Allies Parts” on E-Bay, and if there aren’t any on given day, usually someone puts some up here and there.

    As a final note, for those wanting a different looking (or 2nd type) of Industrial Plant, I might recommend the “city” unit from the 2008 version of Risk (search E-bay or other sources for 2008 Risk replacements). It is the right size and scale to use with Axis and Allies and can easily be used for an Industrial plant as a stand alone or different (major) version.

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    Thank-you Wolf

  • They actually show up on eBay a lot.  The key is to try different search terms.  Not everyone lists them as Industrial Complexes.  Sometimes you have to try Axis and Allies Factories, Industrial Factories, etc.

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