Spring 2016 Battle of Britain on 8th May - SEE BATTLE REPORT

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    This all day event will be held in Derbyshire, UK.

    We currently have 7 players, including four from this forum, and can include up to 3 more.

    At least one game of 1942.2 will be played. The other game may be 1942.2, Anniversary or 1914, as will be decided by participants on the day.

    If you are interested please either reply to this thread in Events or send a PM to Private Panic.

    The Battle Reports for our previous events (posted on this board below) will show you how much fun we have!

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    This time we had a game of 1942.2 and another of 1914. I hope that Credulous will post a report on the 1942.2 game. Here’s mine for the 1914 game:

    wittmann (Germany) & Private Panic (Austria Hungary & Turkey) vs Dukla Passer (France & USA) & a non-forum player (UK, Italy & Russia).

    For the entire game witt expressed the dual opinions that 1. he is an optimist and 2. the axis will lose / are losing. Private Panic disagreed vociferously with his ally on both points!

    Between such arguments we did find a little bit of time for game play. By the close of day witt thought the axis were losing (what a surprise!), Private Panic thought they were winning and Dukla Passer thought the odds were 60/40 in the axis favour. Dukla’s opinion is the one that counts!

    The following factors favoured the axis: G had taken Moscow; A-H had pinned R’s remaining forces in Romania; T had taken Egypt and retained all of its original territories; and India was threatened by both T and also G forces moving south through R.

    Whereas the allies were threatening A-H in the west with the imminent recapture of Venice and a sizeable force in Albania. F and UK forces had made some progress against G, such that they were contesting Alsace.

    The North Sea was a stand-off between sizeable UK & G fleets.

    ipcs were approximately equal between the two sides, but axis had a bunch of R territories open to capture and G had 20 additional ipcs to spend following the fall of Moscow.

    Disagree with that witt! 😛

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    …and we have been playing without Russian Revolution and we have used the rules from the book.

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    Good report, my Austrian cousin.
    Germany would have ultimately prevailed, despite the American landings in Western Europe and Russian peasant incursions.

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    And because of their amazing allies’ successes. Don’t forget that witt! 😛

    G is lucky to be allowed to share in our glory.

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    Credulous has provided the following battle report on the other game:

    The 1942 game was contested between Credulous and two non-forum players from the village. The Axis very quickly established themselves as firm favourites for the win wiping out a significant Russian stack in Karelia, and the Siberian army massing on the Japanese border. The Allies never really recovered from these early losses, which were compounded with the early loss of Egypt and India. In a desperate bid to counter the American’s launched an audacious bid to capture Toyko via amphibious landings, but this desperate gambit was quashed and in the following turn a four carrier Japanese battlegroup sailed into home waters to sink the American battleships and cruisers and leave the US Pacific fleet in tatters. Finally the British launched a desperate attack of their own on Berlin having established a temporary beach head in Holland Belgium, but this attack was also quashed leaving nothing to prevent the triumphant Axis armies marching into Berlin. At the close of the game the Axis empire stretched from Normandy to Eastern Siberia, encompassing everything in between and the entirety of Africa, along with Australia. The contest was over by 3.40pm allowing an early get away for all concerned to soak up the sunshine and fine weather!

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