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The Vichy Optionin Balanced Mod … worth it?

  • Color me skeptical that it is worth it to the Axis to leave Southern France alive in order to: nullify the French fleet and gain a few infantry in N. Africa.

    The 3 income from occupying SF is going to be more valuable, imho, over the course of the game than the Vichy gains.


  • After Vichy France is activated, Germany may occupy Southern France at any time. The only downside is that occupation of Southern France after the Armistice results in the disbandment of all Vichy French units on the board. While you do have to leave Southern France alone on the first turn, the income from that territory is often convoy-blockaded by the 93 sz fleet when it is taken on Germany’s first turn. So really the cost of Vichy France, in that regard, is negligible.

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