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    Is there anywhere out there, or someone out there who has bothered to post a compressive list of all available sculpts and/or where to get them from? Say, something like this:

    German Tanks {black}
    Pz-38t (HBG)
    Pz-II (HBG)
    Pz-III (HBG)
    Pz-V Panther (1942 SE & 1940 Europe SE)
    Pz-VI Tiger I (1941)

    If there is a list or link somewhere of everything at a glance, please post it… I know we can go to HBG and hunt and peck, I was just wondering if there’s a master list somewhere, or maybe some sculpts that exist that aren’t listed at HBG. At the very least, if there’s no master list, are there any tanks I’m missing from my above example on Germany? I know there’s some StuG’s and SPA on HBG’s site, but those aren’t true tanks. Where the heck is the ubiquitous German Pz-IV?

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    PZ-IV is in the WW2 German Set 3 (Pre-Order)


    Other German Tanks
    E-100 (Amerika)
    Maus (Amerika Expansion)
    Tiger II (Amerika Expansion)
    Leopard (Amerika Expansion)

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    I don’t know if there’s a single master list of OOB sculpts, but you can work out a fair approximation by combining the information from my sculpt identification charts and knp’s piece evolution thread:


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    Thanks guys for your responses… Marc, your OOB charts are really nice, but unfortunately, I’m more looking for a “where do I get my hands on that sculpt” list, which really isn’t covered by an OOB (the OOB fills its own niche nicely of course). KNP’s evolution thread is a little more in-line with a “where can I get that list”, if you can recognize whats all in his pics.  I was a little shocked to realize there seems to be very little difference in sculpts between the “1st edition” and “2nd edition” versions of 1940 and 1942… they seem nearly identical in sculpts… I know there are a few minor differences, but for the most part, overall they’re very similar.

    I guess at this time, HBG’s site is the closest to a master list, but I’ve found its hunt and peck nature is not always accurate… I’ve been in unit categories that are missing a unit or two, only to find the unit that should be there under a different category (like color) show up under a different list on the site and then take a vise-versa on a different unit and it happens again.

    Cyanight, thanks for the head’s up on the WW2 German 3 set, I must’ve skipped over that… I’d so love to have Pz-IV’s for Germany… any idea when the set is due for release?  Do they charge you on pre-order or when it is actually released?  Will they be selling the sculpts from the set individually?  I’ve found some things (like Neutral white infantry), completely out of stock for individual sale, but available if you buy the (neutral expansion) set.

    Thanks for the answers Marc and Cyanight… I guess i’ll just have to keep pecking over the HBG site for things I’ve missed (already made a half-dozen individual orders cuz I keep thinking of and noticing things I’ve missed that I want).

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    I assume you’re already aware of the following section of the HBG site – but just in case you haven’t used it yet, here’s the relevant information.

    If I were using the HBG site to compile the list you want, at least as far as OOB sculpts are concerned, I’d go to this section of the HBG website…

    Axis & Allies Pieces
    Axis & Allies 1914 
    Europe 40-2nd Ed (2012) 
    Pacific 40-2nd Ed (2012) 
    Spring 42-2nd Ed (2012) 
    Axis & Allies 1941 (2012) 
    Europe 1940 (2010) 
    Pacific 1940 (2009) 
    Guadalcanal (2007) 
    Battle Of The Bulge (2006) 
    D-Day (2004) 
    Revised (2004) 
    Pacific (2001) 
    Europe (1999) 
    Classic Axis & Allies (1981)

    …and call up each game one by one.  Using D-Day as an example, each game will give you a subcategory page similar to this…

    Germany (Dark Grey) 
    Germany (Dark Grey)

    Germany (Black) 
    Germany (Black)

    United Kingdom (Tan) 
    United Kingdom (Tan)

    United Kingdom (Blonde) 
    United Kingdom (Blonde)

    United States 
    United States

    More D-Day Items 
    More D-Day Items

    …which will list each player power (either once or more often, depending on how many colour variants have been produced).  Using “United Kingdom (Blonde)” as an example, clicking on a particular subcategory will give you an illustrated list of sculpts…

    Halifax Bomber - United Kingdom (D-Day) Blonde
    Spitfire Fighter - United Kingdom (D-Day) Blonde
    105mm Howitzer Artillery - United Kingdom (D-Day) Blonde
    Infantry - United Kingdom (D-Day) Blonde
    M4 Sherman Tank - United Kingdom (D-Day) Blonde

    …each of which is individually clickable (although clicking down to that level doesn’t really add any extra information).

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    Marc… ya, I’m not sure I’m up to compiling a master list… was curious if anyone else was that bored… I was just wondering if there was something simpler than my current method of hunting and pecking on the HBG site for gems I might have missed (which accounts for my multiple orders when I realize a day later there was something I wanted that I initially missed).

    Mostly, all the “out of stocks” are annoying… especially when its something I think would fill a big whole… right now, my entire cache of UK tanks are Matilda IIs, Matilda IIs, more Matilda IIs and the occasional Matilda II.  I’d love to get my hands on something besides a Matilda II for the UK, but everything I’ve come across (at least in Tan) is out of stock… and I’m not really liking the idea of having celery green UK tanks mixed in with my otherwise all-Tan UK units.  I would love some Valentines or Churchill’s, but they’re all out of stock and I worry they are out of stock like Industrial Plants are out of stock (ie: forever and a day).  I’d settle for some tan Shermans or Grants, but can’t find those in-stock either.

    Oh well, at some point I will have discovered every nook and cranny of HBG… still anxiously awaiting my first few waves of reinforcement units coming from HBG this week.  Maybe I’ll even here from FMG about my combat dice! lolz.

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    For colour-compatible stuff from older games, like British-tan Shermans, you might ultimately have to use eBay or some such secondary-market source.  The problem with out-of-print games is that…well, they’re out of print, meaning that they’re usually not stocked by retailers who sell new and current stuff.

    You might also perhaps post an expression of interest here…


    …in case anyone from the forum is thinking of unloading some of their games.  As incomprehensible as this may sound, some people do actually lose interest in this hobby.  🙂

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    Ya, I’ve been checking E-Bay… scored some extra Industrial Plants there… only thing is, what I’m looking for (at least with the UK) seems to be custom-only units… Valentines and Churchills are HBG custom sculpts that are out of stock. Seems every other game just has has Matilda II’s for the UK, so if I did find someone unloading their A&A on E-Bay, I’d probably just end up with more Matilda IIs…

    When I get the time, I need to see if there are any sources for non-Matilda English Tan tanks out there besides HBG (and NO, I don’t want Tan Joseph Stalin tanks, thank you! lolz).

    EDIT: Apparently I need to comment more about the out-of-stock status on things I want from HBG… so now it would seem they have restocked on Tan Valentines and Churchills… grabbed me a few of each… they were out of stock for the past couple of weeks at least, I swear!
    SUPER SECRET DOUBLE EDIT: And now I just scored some Tan Shermans from a spare UK Tan D-Day set off E-Bay… thanks for the head’s up on D-Day Marc… I didn’t catch they had Tan Shermans… so now I’ve gone from having just Matilda IIs to having Matildas, Valentines, Churchills and Shermans for the UK. Well… once I actually start getting packages in the mail… my mailman is going to be busy the next week or so.

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    Great to hear that you’re making good progress on your armaments procurement program.  Your line about the mailman reminds me of an old joke about a guy who was taking a bodybuilding correspondence course: “Every week I receive all kinds of weights and springs by mail.  They haven’t done a thing for me, but you should see the muscles that my mailman now has.”

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    Well if I have a dishonest Mailman, he’s going to have the most awesome set of Axis and Allies armies in all of Florida.  I only started my own work last week, when I got 1941 on Friday and 1942SE on Sunday… I’ve placed a lot of orders for extra units from E-bay and HBG, most of which have shipped, but haven’t received anything yet… so (at the moment), all I have at the house is a combined 1941/1942 set with the promise of a lot more to come (assuming my mailman doesn’t decide to add to his Axis and Allies collection from all my orders! lolz).

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    Well if I have a dishonest Mailman, he’s going to have the most awesome set of Axis and Allies armies in all of Florida.  […] (assuming my mailman doesn’t decide to add to his Axis and Allies collection from all my orders! lolz).

    The next couple of weeks should give you a good appreciation of what it was like for Britain in WWII to wonder if the convoys on which it depended for survival would make it through the Atlantic without being torpedoed by U-boats, so think of this as being similar to a re-enactment.  🙂

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    At this point, i’m more worried about my “silent” orders that don’t have shipping status days later even though they’re paid for… HBG orders 1,2,4,5 and 6 out of orders 1 though 7 have all shipped… so order #3 is strangely missing a shipping status despite being paid for last week… then of course there’s my FMG order of combat dice… paid for and silent… as the thread about FMG pretty much says they’ll never say a word but you may (or may not) eventually see it!

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    I have no idea when the German set will ship.  I think it was supposed to ship in late spring.  Once the pre-orders are filled you can buy the set or groups of 5 pieces.  I paint all my pieces so I could care less about color.

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    I have no idea when the German set will ship. I think it was supposed to ship in late spring. Once the pre-orders are filled you can buy the set or groups of 5 pieces. I paint all my pieces so I could care less about color.

    I checked the site out… German Set 3 is supposed to be out in “April”… so if that’s true, they got a 30 day window coming up.  Pre-Orders are “sold out”, which is worrisome to someone who didn’t get a pre-order in (c’est moi)… so no clue when the set will be available again or individual sculpts can be ordered, but I’d definitely like a lot out of that set. The Deutschland class pocket battleships would be sweet… hopefully they are sized as Cruisers and not as Battleships… and of course the ubiquitous Pz-IV is a must.  Surprised it’s taken all these years to get a Pz-IV.

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