• ill trade someone 3 ho-ni for 1 nashorn……for fook sake all i seems to be getting is sucky jap and chinese tanks…
    just bought 5 more set 2 boosters today and i was praying not to get any crappy jap tanks or chinese tanks but for god sake i got another ho-ni which i threw on the ground and stomped on it(which felt pretty good btw) and chi-ha(another crappy jap tank) along with 3 other decent tanks…with tanks like these why do they even bother with jap…it should be allied vs. germany      anyway if anyone want to buy or trade figures let me know or email me at bee76027@hotmail.com

    extra have list:        IS-2  model 1944
                          (2)  cromwell lV
                                SS-panther ausf.G
                                type 97 chi-ha
                          (4)  type 1 ho-ni
                          (2)  type 95 ha-go
                                renault r-35
                                valentine II
                          (2)  M18 hellcat
                          (2)  M24 chaffee
                                M4A3E8 sherman “easy eight”
                                carro armato M13/40
                                sig 33

    want list:  Strumpanzer IV “brummbar”
                              Veteran M4 sherman “rhino”
                              R-2 LT-35

  • I seem to have had my best luck completing my Set I by just buying missing pieces on eBay.  You might spend about $6 on an individual piece but it still seems cheaper than buying a booster to get another Sherman or Panzer IV, and not the piece you want.

    I haven’t had much luck with Set II because my local store has been sold out of Set II boosters.  I wish I could find out who that person is so I could play a few games with 'em.

  • Damn… I need the R-2 LT-35 too.  :x

    Oh well.  I’m not trying to rub your face in it, but I just got my 4th Nashorn yesterday, and I’d be willing to send you one, or even two, if you want.

  • i live in toronto if anyone is interested in playing the game and AGENTORANGE- you looking for anything i listed above for those nashorn?
    seems like im getting tired of just staring at the pieces……geez

  • bee - how about a Cromwell IV and a Chaffee for two Nashorns?  I’m not concerned with getting an even deal; I’m more concerned with having a balanced force, and I don’t see myself using FOUR Nashorns any time soon…  😛

  • sure……I’ll do that…and hell ill throw in HO-NI just for the sake of it…actually by taking HO-NI you are doing me a favor…LOL
    just email me with your mailing address and ill ship them out(ill give u my mailing address as well)

  • I finally got the R2 LT-35.  To all of you who need the same tank, just know:  it’s nothing too special.  Ironic that the tank I spent the most money to get ends up being a piece of crap.  😛

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    The unit stats are in the board under the topic “Unit Stats.” Check it out.

  • International mailing sucks!  :x

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