G40 Resolve combat phase

  • Been having small ideas about a new resolve combat phase that gets deeper and complexed the more I think about it. This post may get edited many times… but this is what I have so far…

    There would be 4 groups for each battle…

    Group A / Group B / Group C / Group D

    All participating air units and AA artillery would be placed into Group A, all participating land units (accept AA artillery) would be placed into Group B, all participating Subs and/or Destroyers would be placed into Group C, and all participating Cruisers, Battleships and/or Carriers would be placed into Group D (transports would be waiting to die or survive depending on who owns the last unit).

    Combat would proceed in rounds as always, however… units that have eliminated enemy units within their group, or begin combat without enemy units in their group, may be designated to any group they choose for the next combat round. Same type units can be divided into different groups after their initial group has been cleared, but they are committed to those groups. So essentially, units may not jump from one group to another unless the group they are in has been cleared.

    Anyone wanna help me flesh this out?

  • There are some benifiets, such as units in their initial group would get a certain attack or defence value, but it would change once they moved to a new group designated for stronger or just different units. For Example: Strategic Bombers would fight air units at a lesser value than land units, and destroyers would fight submarines at a greater value than battleships, cruisers, or carriers.

    There are some disadvantages… like a few defending air units getting killed fast just to have a lot of attacking bombers facing just land units who wouldn’t get the high defence rolls of the defending fighters past the first combat round.

    More thoughts to come… is this a valid path to take? it’s a complete revamp of how battle takes place.

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