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    If you win your territory battle and cleared everything, MUST you stay where you are where the battle took place ( land not air ), or is there such a thing where you win the land battle, but then decide not to claim it by retreating leaving it still in the hands of your enemy?

    Why, well it may be a tactical land move to make the attack, but leaving it open for your other ally to claim it instead of you.

    I don’t think this is a rule book rule, and once you win the territory, you MUST stay put and claim it.

    Any thoughts?


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    Yes you must, Bravehart. You cannot choose not to occupy a territory, if you have one surviving Ground unit. The combat took place in the defending territory, not outside it.

  • Thanks you two.

    Strafe attacks would be the only possibility as you mentioned ShadowHAwk, but sods law if you strike too well! But it’s another curious question sorted out as there are many odd cinereous un answered here in this wonderful game haha


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