• Have a writing talent that you would like to put to work? Or would like to contribute to TripleA but don’t know how?

    We are drafting an idea for a TripleA blog. As the website admin, I am responsible for lining up some authors. I know that A&A.org has a great blog, and we thought that launching a blog devoted to TripleA would nicely cap the successful development of the new TripleA website, which will be official as of version Potential topics for post may include:

    • Strategy for any of the TripleA maps, including WWII

    • Map design tips and tricks

    • Challenges and Tournaments

    • Showcasing a “Game of the Month”

    • Announcements

    • Most other TripleA related content (I am the editor, so I will moderate.)

    Please post below if you would like to commit to writing a few articles a month, or even commit to contribution, in any form. We are looking for contributors, and are looking for anyone who would like to volunteer. If we get enough volunteers, the plan will go though. Please feel free to ask any questions below.

Suggested Topics

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