Is anyone else addicted to buying boosters?

  • 😞  i’ve spent so much money on boosters and starters i’ve forgot how much i spent….it’s very addictive to open boosters after boosters even though u have full set
    worst part is no one in my area plays this game…

  • Uhhh, I’m not in the exact same boat as you, dude.  I have a complete set, and I left it at that.  Two of my buddies like to play the game, so we do so fairly often.  But you’re right; the game is very addictive and has cost me a lot of money so far. (About $800  :-()

  • well i think i spent little more then you did but i cant seem to stop buying boosters….and i shouldnt but i dont know why im so drawn to the game
    they are pretty cool to look at if you put it on the glass showcase(or in top of table all lined up) but i wish people in this area play this darn game

    shrug  kinda sad when you try to play by yourself      😢

  • There’s gotta be a twelve step program to get people of collectible games…buy a copy of the original A&A…that could help.

    The one thing that is stopping me from buying booster is my mortgage…anyone else?

  • oh i forgot to mention……i dont quite and full set which im still missing nashorn and r-2 lt35…you gotta wonder after spending like 1k i get doubles of triples crappy jap tanks like ho-ni and chinese t33 series 1933 not to mention triple hellcats…why cant i get like triple crocs or kv1,sherman “rhino” or ill even take couple more m3 lee

    anyway if anyone has extra nashorn or r2 LT35 for trade or sale let me know   thx

  • Dude, buy individual pieces on ebay.  If you buy just one booster case online and then get the singles you still need via e-bay, you can probably get a whole set for $160 or less.

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    I’ve mentioned this before. But I usually split a case with a friend. We draft (or mutually agree on) the rares. Then I usually participate in a draft tournament. Finally, I fill in the blanks on eBay and by trading online.

  • i spent another $80 today and i swear to god this must stop……it seems like i’ve spent like $100 a day on this game which i have no one to play with in the past 2 weeks…it’s like a drug which i need to quit. again with my luck i got crappy rares T-26 series 1933 along with 7tpdw but i got Rhino and ss panther as well

    i think im buying boosters to get nashorn and rt-35 and like some people mentioned it’s easier to just buy the figures from ebay but it’s so hard to stop buying these boosters hoping to pull out the piece i need…

    my 2 cent

  • i had the same problem, i bought one boster pack and the starter set just to check it out, fell in love with it and the next day i dropped $500, and when the new set came out i dropped another $800. i have at least 3 of every peice in both sets now, its sad, but it does look really cool seeing them all in a row. i stooped buying these things though, but not because i allready have enough, but because i ran out of spending money. allthough i did ask for nothing but $$$$$ and booster packs for christmas, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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    Naw… just use the infantry and replace them with those in revised and 2nd edition. That will have some marginal value to you.

  • @Imperious:

    Naw… just use the infantry and replace them with those in revised and 2nd edition. That will have some marginal value to you.

    I’ve using the new mini’s to represent “leader units” for each nation.  Just wish they were a little bit bigger.

  • Hey, that’s a good idea, geno!  8-)

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