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  • Moses’ Masterpiece #5
    Here are my thoughts on the general American strategy I tend to use. Beside each turn I’ve included a number of notes to help you when executing this strategy. Strategy is based on standard A&A rules with the exception of Russia Restricted.

    1. USA (36 IPCs)
      Buy 3 Transports, 4 Inf.
      Non-Combat Move: Transport w/ 2 inf., bomber, and 1 ftr to Britain from EUSA. 1 ftr from WUSA to Eastern Canada. Unload transport to Britain.
      Remaining IPCs: 0
      Income: 34 IPCs
      Total: 4 Transports, 6 Inf., 1 ARM (based on troops in EUSA)
      Notes: As you can see USA doesn’t have any offensives on the first turn. Being conservative with USA on the first turn allows for USA to be more aggressive in later turns. Also by pulling your aircraft from USA, there’s no way of successfully counter attack against Japan. This means that Japan is free to take Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia with the bulk of its Navy. In fact a great way to disrupt this strategy is for Japan to take Alaska or at least threaten WUSA. Income of 34 IPCs is based on Japan taking East China.

    2. USA (34 IPCs)
      Buy: 2 Transports, 6 inf
      Combat move: Land 4 Transports w/ 6 inf. and 1 ARM to Algeria (3 from EUSA, 1 from Britain). Strategic bomb Germany.
      Non-Combat Move: Move bomber back to Britain. Move ftr. From E. Canada to Britain.
      Remaining IPCs: 0
      Income: 32 IPCs
      Total: 6 Transports, 6 inf. (based on all existing transports)
      Notes: If there is any better way to land that many men in N. Africa on the second turn, then I’m all ears. To prepare against a possible counterattack from the Luftwaffe on T3, USA must have full cooperation from UK by getting that power to move it’s carrier w/ 2 ftrs to protect America’s transport fleet off Spain. Income of 32 IPCs is based on Japan taking Hawaii and West China on T2.

    3. USA (32 IPCs)
      Buy: 1 Transport, 8 inf
      Combat move: Strategic bomb Germany. Move into Libya and both French West Africa’s.
      Non-Combat Move: Move all transports back to EUSA. Move bomber to Britain.
      Remaining IPCs: 0
      Income: 33 IPCs
      Total: 7 Transports, 14 inf.
      Notes: Depending on the strength of the German presence, you may want to refrain from these attacks and instead just try to take Libya. If you find that the German may be too powerful to handle even with 6 inf., 1 ARM, you may consider moving the 2 ftrs and 1 bomber from Britain to Algeria or even hold off on the Normandy Invasion for a turn.

    4. USA (33 IPCs)
      Buy: 11 inf.
      Combat move: Land in Western Europe with 7 loaded Transports supported by 2 ftrs and 1 Bomber. Move further into Africa.
      Non-Combat Move: Move bombers and 2 ftrs back to Britain or Africa.
      Remaining IPCs: 0
      Income: 39 IPCs
      Total: 7 Transports, 11 inf.
      Notes: Finally D-Day on T4! Usually America will be able to take Western Europe upwards of 6 German inf. and 4 ftrs. However, expect huge losses at WE and the possible counter attack of Germany on T5. You can soften the blow by letting UK land first at WE (they should have a pretty sizeable transport force by now) or later after the Germans have successfully counterattacked. At any point Germany will have to spend a sizable amount of manpower to protect its Western flank. Also this is one of the only turns where I will allow America to make a different purchase like a bomber or ftr. It all depends on how many more inf. are needed in Europe or Africa.

    5. USA (39 IPCs)
      Buy: 1 IC, 1 transport, 5 inf.
      Combat Move: Strategic bomb Germany. Push further into Africa.
      Non-Combat Move: Move transports back to EUSA. Move bomber back to Britain/Africa.
      Remaining IPCs: 0
      Income: 39 IPCs
      Total: 8 transports, 16 inf, place IC in Western Europe.
      Notes: Another slow turn of building up, but what do you expect from a country half an ocean away from the battlefront? Anyways, you should be able to split transports into two groups: one headed to Russia/Africa or WE. The Luftwaffe shouldn’t be much more of a threat anymore. If Germany is strong enough to take WE back, then purchase a bomber or a transport w/ 2 inf. At any point Germany should fall soon and you can start transferring forces to Africa or Russia to deal with Japan. This is where the IC in WE and SE comes in handy. I would advise beating Japan through Europe since Japan still has its Navy up to this point.

    Well I think a 5-turn strategy is the most anybody can expect. A lot of these purchases aren’t written in stone so change your tactics accordingly if Japan makes a bid for America, Japan sends it’s Navy around the tip of South America, Russia itself is in imminent danger against Japan, or if Germany is particular strong in Africa. I find this strategy very sound though tedious and boring at times just build transports and infantry. I tired using ARM but it’s particular hard to transport a sizeable force across the Atlantic. It requires pin-point coordination from the Allies, Britain with its Navy and Russia skilled in holding off Japan and pressuring Germany.

    Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much

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  • As promised I will reveal my American strategy (well at least one of them) as stated above. Bear with me it is quite long.

  • Well there you have my strat on what America should do. Who knows, if all goes well I will write my strats for UK or Japan.

  • nice job

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