Someone needs to kick our Axis

  • 2019 2017 '16


    Simon, we have stuff to do today (Monday) in the afternoon and into the early evening.
    And we are in the midst of a match with Pete.

    Tuesday is a baseball game.

    Wednesday looks good for a rematch.  Afternoon same start time as before.

    Alright. I have nothing planned so far for then.

  • '16

    We are closing the books on this one.  Vacation ends tomorrow; back to our respective homes.

    In four matches with Pete we went 1-2-1 (He got us twice and we all agreed to call one a draw.)

    Simon was unable to beat us, but he showed us some things to think about.

    But this exercise was not about the wins and losses, rather about opening our eyes to new allied tactics and strategies.
    In that light, both Pete and Simon are big winners – we are looking forward to the chance to use our new insights in games against each other and online.

  • What was the essence of the Axis tactics in Europe?  Drive to Moscow by G5/G6?  Slow crush on G10?  Dark skies?

    I hate playing against Axis with low luck since the airforce can just pick apart the Allied units, never failing due to bad dice rolling.

  • '16

    Used all three approaches.  It depended on how the allies spent/placed their bid.

  • 2019 2017 '16

    The major hole in my game was defending Moscow. Only held it once.

    A couple of other oversights like not anticipating amphibious assaults. Particularly one where I could have sacrificed a cruiser to kill a transport and thin the assault but didn’t.

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