I have a lot of games and I have no idea what it is worth

  • Hello,

    First a disclaimer: I don’t know anything about A&A, sorry about that 🙂

    I recently bought a big bundle of board games, and it included some Axis And Allies boxes. I am not really planning to play them so I will probably try to trade them or sell them to buy some other games.

    I also have no idea what they are worth, so your help would be really appreciated.

    So I do have:

    • Axis & Allies: D-Day unpunched
    • Axis & Allies old MB edition (no insert)
    • Axis & Allies: 1942 Avalon Hill
    • Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures: War at Sea (unopened booster pack)
    • Axis & Allies Miniatures (unopened 2 players starter pack tanks etc).

    I am not sure if everything is there, but I can check.
    Conversely, i don’t know if there are some extra miniatures or stuff mixed in each box.

    Any rough idea of the individual values of each game, and the total bundle value?
    Also let me know if there is something I need to check in the boxes.

    Thanks a lot!

    Ps: I dont know how to post pictures (“not allowed”) but here are the links with a space before the dot:

    imgur .com/44IXG3g


    imgur .com/BDPBGZF

  • Any help?

    Thanks 🙂

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    I suggest you look on ebay and amazon and see if any of these are for sale and, if so, for how much.

    There has been an A&A MB edition on amazon for £230. I don’t know if it ever sold.

    If there are factory units in any of the games I might be interested in buying those, but you’d have to ship them to the UK?

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