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    @Mursilis i dont think works. Japan will just mop up all of china and leave them with one Burma road territory.

  • @oysteilo Well that’s why I want to make sure china can still have extra income if burma or yunaan is controlled. Japan starts with a lot of stuff and if china does not have that constant +3 or +2 income, even if they can build artillery, they will get crushed by japan’s air and ground.

    If you keep the guerrillas and let china buy artillery they could put 1 inf and 1 artillery up in northern china, against russian territory and slowly push up defeating the japanese 1 territory at a time since they would be so stretched thin.

    Whatever the solution is, letting china have artillery, allowing a few extra ipc’s for them, and removing guerrillas should make china more fun to play in since there will be a world of new options especially for china.

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    Tying guerillas to territory ownership is not a good idea.

  • Yes I agree with you. My concern is if you keep the guerrillas in and give china artillery will this make china too strong. The thought is to remove the guerrillas completely and just give china a +2 or +3 if the burma road is not completely controlled by the axis and no matter what let the chinese place artillery.

    I think giving that extra infantry to china is better than having a japanese unit stuck in a territory all game.

  • @Mursilis i know what ur idea is. lol. I’m saying removing guerrillas is a nonstarter. If you feel that China is still uninteresting to play, and your proposed solution is to add more artillery, why not just give china the option to build artillery at any point in the game, rather than tying it to an NO. (Having a tiered NO, based on the Burma road being “partially” opened sounds way too complicated for the benefit it would bring. . . a difference of 1 or 2 PUs).

    You say that allowing artillery as a permanent unit option would make China too strong. For what its worth, other members of the Mod Squad think it would have very little effect. The only way to really answer that question is to playtest it. So if there is really an interest in that aspect of your idea, its something I would amenable to trying.

  • @regularkid Alright. Well let’s playtest this thing then!

    If just adding in the artillery makes china more enjoyable to play without screwing with the balance then I’m in!

  • From playing my china mod I have come to the conclusion that letting china simply have artillery won’t really askew the game. Chinese guerrillas must still remain in the game unless you make the economic boost for china +2 for each burma road territory. But putting in the artillery aspect is a must since it does increase the fun factor and strategic options for china. If japan is not careful china could have some artillery pushing into the north or retaking lost territory in the south.

    All I know for sure is that +1 for each burma road territory is not enough money to offset japan leaving a troop behind for the guerrilla rules.

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