Sea Lion

  • Hello everyone. I was wondering if I could get some tips on a proper Sea Lion invasion and how to go about it turn wise, purchasing wise and such. Obviously a sea lion invasion is not possible G1 but at what point can the Germans go for it and what purchases and non-combat moves should be made leading up to it? Keeping in mind that I will assume the starting transport and cruiser need to survive a UK air assault on UK1 and perhaps some hit point land units need to be purchased on G1 to A. Buffer Russia coming towards Berlin and B. Set up for the London invasion. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Random thought for sea lion:

    To set up a potential one:

    1.  Instead of getting rid of US transport, getting rid of all UK transport in R1 so there is no help but UK itself on R2
    2.  Try to protect both transport in G1, potentially buy a destroyer, AC, or both
    3.  Observe how R1 is going and save enough money in R2 for transports. I think the best time for a potential sea lion is either R2 or R3, depending on opportunity.
    4.  Park your fighters and maximise no. of land force for sea lion attack.
    5.  Let Japan help you by bombing UK homeland
    6.  It is important to not making your purpose too obvious at the beginning to increase the chance of catching your opponent off guard.

    Another alternative is you just start a threat of sea lion but your real intent is to suck your enemy’s income into UK homeland while you want to focus on somewhere else.  I personally find this works fairly well in some scenario.

    Hope this helps…happy sea lion 😄

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  • Start by Strategic Bombing the factory in the UK

    • Have 3-5 bombers for this reason
    • send escort fighters(remember they can knock out your bombers with their fighters and AA guns on the factories)
      Build your fleet, army , and air force for the task
    • make sure your builds are not obvious (you want to keep them off your back)
    • make sure you put pressure on the Soviet Union

    if you strategic bomb their factories and take away Africa and the Middle east, they are reduced to 20 or less IPC’s and forced to fix their factory in London or build elsewhere. All you have to do is exceed what is on the UK.

    Do it after turn 3 but before turn 7.

    Follow this and you should be fine.


  • Thanks everyone for the advice. I took everyone’s advice into consideration and sortve blended it together to pull off a successful sea lion on turn 4 of my last game. FYI, Argothair’s second link gave me an idea of putting a carrier in SZ 5. Except I kept it there with two fighters. Turn two built two transports. By the non-combat/ place new units phase of turn 3, the carrier and cruiser protecting the transports had turned Karelia’s IC into a 8 unit IC. Turn 4 London fell, turn 5 Moscow did as well due to some extremely unlucky Russian dice rolling the entire night.

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