1942.2 Starting Chinese-American Factory

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    Is there any reason not to tweak the starting setup in Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition to give the Americans a factory, an infantry, and an AA gun in Sinkiang (the territory in the far northwest of China that’s farthest from the Japanese)?

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    Not that I can see. I’d prefer a China tweak to other more distorting set up changes. It also has the benefit of giving the Americans something to do immediately, instead of building and waiting for several rounds before they can have an impact. Another benefit is that its a lot harder to use China to knock the Japanese off the mainland, a strategy which could sometimes pay dividends in Revised for example. Its more or less impossible for the Russians to stack Bury, and India is a lot farther away from the rich territories along the coast, so I can’t really see it leading to a KJF breaker. I think it’d be fun for a change of pace in an area that usually turns gold with lightning speed in 42.2.

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    If, instead, you allow US player to simply  built up to 2 Infantry per turn on any Allied chinese territory, can be split on two territories (1 Inf on each), do you think this is OP?
    Or must be split on two TTs purely and simple?
    So up to 1 Inf per TT and up to 2 TTs.

    No IC needed.

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    If, instead, you allow US player to simply  built up to 2 Infantry per turn on any Allied chinese territory

    That works OK, Baron – I’d prefer to the OOB rules. The problem with building infantry is that it doesn’t create an interesting choice for the US player, and if Japan kills the Flying Tiger on J1 (as it always should without an American bid or a radically intense Russian reinforcement gambit), then China never has any offensive potential no matter how much Japan under-invests there. Right, like let’s say on turn 1 I kill just Szechuan, leaving you with 4 infantry. You build 2 more infantry, now you have 6 infantry. So…so what? I’ve got something like 6 infantry, 2 artillery, and 2 fighters in the region; you don’t have any interesting counter-attacks.

    With an IC, America can choose to build infantry (standard play) or something aggressive like a tank or fighter (Chinese gambit) or build nothing at all and save the IPCs for the ocean (Atlantic gambit).

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