• 2007 AAR League

    Ive found out that not even a good allied player can stop the Axis from conquering Russia. All germany needs to do is stall the allies in the west and go all out for Russia, while conquering Africa. The Japanese need to build an IC in the mainland and go all out for Russia also. Use their navy to stall the allies at the east and Russia is deadlocked.

  • You can’t just ‘stall the allies in the west’ and go all out for Russia, all the while conquering Africa. It won’t work against a competent Allied player. You’ve not enough units. You can’t spend only 16 IC a turn to both conquer Africa and stall the allies and even then, you’d only have 24 to deal with Russia.

  • I think i know exactly what you mean …

    While there are all kinds of ways to play this game, usually japan gets ignored in general, while the allies (all of them including America) hammer away on germany… so germany needs to be the anvil, take the punishment and survive build lots of men few tanks, and send what it can to the Russian theatre, all the while Japan is becoming a force to be reckoned with… and before you know it’s too late to put a kink in the plan and the axis win…

    I think that is what you meant? (yeah, no?)

    While i personally believe that Russia and Brittan can beat germany together with a little help from America in the African theatre, and America can solo take out japan at the same time, if focused mostly or whole heartedly on Japan… This is not common tactics or play that i have noticed… In my group, but it is more fun…

    But if you meant…
    That you build a navy while throwing all your starting units at the Russian player, ahh I stand befuddled as to how you win?  It looks like a bad time against mediocre players, all that America needs to do is send a fleet your way, ignore japan, and you lose your barely defended coasts and capital… All the while Russia should be slapping you around like he is your pimp on the mainland…

    there is no full proof plan for this game… the standard first turn is about it… best moves always change, depending on dice rolls and little change ups… if you always made the same moves every single time eventually your opponent would catch on and exploit a weakness in it…

  • Fuggit all.  Just play Germany and Russia vs. Everyone else!  😄

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