• I chose to attack Karelia the first time with this game. I am having a problem with the dice rolling. The first time I enter the units I have etc and the units I am attacking it rolls fine. My question is what do I do next assuming that there are pieces still left. Do I need to just hit the submit button again or do I need to actuall key in the pieces that are left and then hit submit?

  • I have been reading the threads regarding Germany turn 1. I believe that even with a RR it is still nearly impossible for Germany to do anything. I have a question what about taking the transport and grabbing 2 guys from Finland and putting them in Africa? What should I do about Eastern Europe. I am basically pulling out of ukraine except 1 guy putting my armor in germany in italy and leaving 9 guys in Eastern Europe setting up a dead zone for the Russian to attack. I purchase 1 trannie and 8 guys. I do nothing with the battleship and bring over 2 guys to libya. Next I take 1 tank and 1 guy 1 territory south of libya and I land a plane in Libya. I also wipe out all British ships and leave the Russian stuff alone.

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