• Global War 1939 - I know this isn’t as popular as the Axis/Allies game etc but me and my friends prefer this to the Axis&Allies Global 1939 Map/Scenario.

    Of course, we haven’t had much chance to play it out, but where as A/A seems to be over within 3 - 4 turns, GW 1939 has a 10 - 15 turn goal before a winner can be declared.

    So, given that this isn’t a very active part of this forum, I can hopefully stir up some discussion! Specifically, strategy!

    GERMANY - The Blitzkrieg on Turn 1 is very important. You must take Paris on Phase 2 otherwise Germany is toast. The UK Europe player could move all of their fighters to Paris, and all remaining French Troops in France could also move to Paris, making it a Fortress-Paris that would be very hard and costly for the German Player to take! This has now become a standard move when we play. The build-order often varies from player to player - having a dozen subs remaining is quite scary, but bad rolls on Neutral Ships can turn the tide in favor of the UK navy at that stage. There is still debate on the order/method of taking Denmark and Norway during Germanys turn - one or two players choose to do so on Germany T2. Given the Blitzkrieg ability, the Axis Minors are all activated by Germany and all German Units on the Polish Borders attack Western Poland on Phase 1, Warsaw on Phase 2 (so the forces aren’t split). I am devising a new method for the Naval Attacks though, as leaving the French Fleet completely intact can be costly in the long run.

    USA - Now, this is really the one I want to hear thoughts on. With a starting IC of 20, I have previously spent it on 6-research dice, which I can name later, to give the edge to the USA once they go to war with Japan. However, a friend of mine suggested building a Minor Industry on USA Turn 1 in the Phillipines. I thought there was a rule against it but have not be able to locate one. Having a Minor Industry there is a major threat to the Japanese and potentially forces an earlier DOW on USA by Japan. Building Inf, Aircraft, and Ships directly to the Phillipines makes it a lot harder to take. Your thoughts on this? To me, it seems like Minor Industry in the Phillipines = End of Japan

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    😄 Nien  😄

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    Frankly,  I’d like to see a strategy that gets Germany and or Japan into Washington and Ottawa but anyway…

    I miss 5 IPC German tanks. Just sayin’ 😢

    I don’t go for W Poland anymore; I take Warsaw from Elbing (sometimes I bring a fighter to help) and then hit Yugoslavia on Germany’s 2nd impulse. I tried it out after reading about it on this forum. I’ll keep doing it until someone decides to do something with W. Poland that makes it a priority target.

    IPhilliphines IC is good idea because it puts pressure on the Japanese. An aggressive Japanese player, however,  will pull a DOW and take it out. A Hawaii IC may be a more conservative, but also effective, strategy. I figure if ICs start popping up in the Pacific, that means a KJF on being thought out.

  • As Japan I am often at war with US by the 3rd turn of the game and I do not see how the factory helps you.

    Turn 1 - Build factory for 12 spend 8 points elsewhere
    Turn 2 - Spend 12 to 20 points reinforcing Philippines with 3 new units

    Turn 3 - Japan burns down the Philippines taking ~2 to 3 INF in casualties

    US will only have 1 Fort, 1 Marine, 2 INF and 1 FTR

    Outcome US loses 44 IPC of material (19 IPC in starting material which is lost anyway) for 9 IPC of damage on Japan. This represents 87.5% of their first 2 turns of production.

    Japan gains a factory within easy reach of Australia and a US player that has only built an artillery (The 4 average IPC left-over from this gambit) over their starting forces. While the building of the factory forces the Japanese to adopt an early US strategy that fact you have to build this factory on the first turn is not too disruptive. Further it greatly endangers Syndey’s security. Maybe I am no seeing the upside but I can not advocate for this opening.

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    No you are not seeing the whole picture. Thats what you want is Japan to attack US early.

    The minor factory is destroyed when Japan takes the Phillippines.

  • I never played the 7.2 rules. That is an interesting addition and I might want to try an other game. (My experience has been the Axis seem to win most games.)

    However even with the lose of the factory the US is adding 25+ IPC to a losing fight for relatively little effect.

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    :evil: :evil: diversion  😄 😄

  • The US may lose that, but getting 100 IPC starting turn 4 quickly puts things in their favor IMO. I feel like Japan has to take care of China/UKP first before it can get involved in the USA.

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