Who's Yer Con 2016 April 1st -3rd Indianapolis

  • 2017 '15

    There are a couple of games scheduled for WYC this year if anyone near is interested.  Friday a game of 1914 is scheduled and Saturday has a G40 2nd edition game scheduled to go.

    WYC is a free gaming convention held annually in Indy.  There is no charge to attend or participate in games.

  • As soon as registration opens, I’m signing up for the G40 event!  I’d sign up for G14, but I’m doing a Cuba Libre event that day.

  • 2017 '15

    WYC this weekend.  No one’s signed up for the 1914 game as of yet, but the G40 has some takers.

    Who’s Yer Con is a great local convention with lots of offerings.  As always, it’s free to attend and free to play all weekend long.  It’s located at the Wyndham West in Indy.

  • I’m signed up for the G40!

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