Who had Family in WW2 and where were they

  • Hi Chaps

    Just Curious as too anyone who had family in WW2 and what they did etc.

    My Grandfather ( My Fathers Father ) was in the Royal engineers on the retreat out of France blowing up bridges, British Army
    My Great Uncle was in the Japanese Infantry ( don’t know where )
    My Omar ( My Mothers Mother ) Was in U-boat Comand in Germany.

    They are all still alive and get on verywell with each other when they meet.


  • Grandfather was in France, US 3rd Army (yep, under Patton).

    Very rarely talked about the war.  What I was able to learn before he died was that he lost 2 of his closest buddies to a sniper.  Shot with a .22 of all things.  My grandfather is the one who got the sniper… hand to hand, knife slit of the throat.

    The rifle is in my posession.  The knife is buried somewhere on the clay of my grandmother’s property… somewhere on 2 1/2 acres of waterlogged clay in Pennsylvania.

  • Grandpa was an engineer/mechanic with the RCAF.  He was stationed (to his chagrin, i think) in Winnipeg where he met my grandma.
    My Opa was a conscientious objector.  I believe he would have served with the forestry service (as most Mennonites did), but i really can’t remember.

  • my grandfather (mother’s side) was a flight engineer with the Flying Tigers in China.
    my grandmother (father’s side) was a nurse, somewhere in Europe i believe (not sure exactly).
    my uncle was a photographer for the army, and was one of the first photographers into the concentration camps.

  • My great uncle  Frank Leming was in the Sea Bees in the S Pacific
    His brother,Buster, was a medic in the Army in N Africa and Europe

  • Both my Grandads fought in the war, and a ton of great uncles.

    Grandad-Army  Part of the invasion force of Japan (He didnt thanks to the A bomb)
    Grandad-  Navy pilot, not sure where he fought.
    Uncle- Navy Pilot, saw action in the mediteranean( interesting story behind him, pm me if you want to hear it)
    Uncle- Navy Pilot, killed at the battle of Midway
    Uncle- Marines, saw action in the Marianas
    Uncle- Marines, saw action at Gauldalcanal
    Uncle- Army,part of the Normandy invasion
    Cousin- Killed at Coral Sea

  • my moms dad was in the army hung out with pattons crew
    my dads dad was in the 82nd airborne from start to finish
    my dads mom (yes my grandama) was in the marines and worked radio
    crap loads of great uncles were in it to

  • my grandfather was in the occupational army on an island in the Pacific.

  • wow, I just realized that im very similar to Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump. One of my family members has served in every American war as well!!! 😮

  • Grandfather (Mother) - Army - Nashville - Guarded a supply depot. (Worked with the navy as a civilian afterwards for a long time)

    Grandfather (Father) - Army - London/France - Aircraft Controller

    My mother’s father possibly has the least possible amount of “War Stories” as is possible for one who served for the entire war 🙂

  • @marine36:

    wow, I just realized that im very similar to Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump. One of my family members has served in every American war as well!!! 😮

    and not just similar to Lt. Dan from that movie either!

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    Do Holocaust Survivors count? 4th Cousins, 2 Brothers, Jews, who served in the German Labor Corps in Hungary Building and Re-Building Targets (several of which they happily witnessed get destroyed by waves of Allied Bombers). Finally one day they were marched onto a barge and sent downriver to BudaPest where they were lined up to be marched to another “assignment” (most likely off to a Concentration Camp). This was during the start of an Air Raid when the sirens were starting to go off. The “Guards” looked told the workers to go to the swedish embassy get false papers and hide in the city and finished by saying “And we will see each other again next year in Jerusalem.” Turns out they were Zionists. Both brothers were hidden in an Attic in Budapest until the war ended and they made it to Israel…


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