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    Anyone interested in a “Space Empires” game using A&A mechanics?

    Posted some ideas on Larry’s pages:

  • Twilight Emporium 3rd Ed basically stole the A&A mechanisms for battle…

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    Too abstract, too many units, takes too long, flags for infantry units, too card driven, sudden “game ends now” mechanism.

    My idea is for rival human factions expanding out from the solar system fighting over finite resources.

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    Hey Flashman,
    Have you ever seen the game “Buck Rogers and the Battle for the 25th Century”?  It’s actually very much like Axis & Allies Classic but based in space.  Lots of little pieces.  You have regular infantry and androids for land troops.  There are fighters, transports and battleships for each other’s navies.  You can also build killer satellites to put in orbit of your planets for extra defense.  This is for the basic game.
    For the expanded game, it also has 6 different leader characters:  Buck Rogers, Wilma Dearing, Killer Kane, and 3 others that I can’t remember their names.  Each leader gives your forces different abilities.
    This game came out a little while after Classic A&A did so I don’t think it is in print anymore, but you might be able to find a copy on eBay.  It was actually a pretty fun game to play.  Hope you can find one.

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    Thanks, but I already have a copy. Great pieces, but I don’t think I ever fully understood how the rotation of the planets worked!

    Some ideas from this, Twilight Imperium and Starfarers of Catan could be assimilated. BR has no Aliens, and the exploration of new stars for resources and Alien races is something I think of as essential here; much as the main inspiration COTE needs Barbarians in the new version. The parallels with the Roman Empire (or at least my version of it) are neat, especially the 3 eras divided by the “inflation” events.

  • @Flashman I know of an amateur made game that you can print out called Orbital Battle by a guy named Mike Fisher. You download it from his own website for free.

    It’s one of the space games. His site has over 20 home made strategy games.

    It is not an exact gameplay copy of A&A as it uses a hex map and the defending units are only forced to retreat away from an attacker if the dice roll doesn’t roll high enough.

    It is played on a solar system map 21 hexes across that has 8 planets on it that move on orbital paths each turn. Also, each planet has it’s own small ground map only 7 hexes across.

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