• @barnee

    Getting atleast 3 hits in Yugo would be nice. Still, better 1 or 2 than 5. Can perhaps be an optimal strafe with 6 inf, 2 art, 1 tank, 1 fig and 1 tac?

    Might want to use the Romanian tank for Bulgaria in order to have as much as possible in Bessarabia next turn. If going for a G2 DOW against Russia, I think I would prefer to get another two tanks to the Baltic, but if all three will be needed there, I’d take all three. Hard to tell on G1 though. 🙂

    Don’t think you’ve asked, but I recently installed TripleA. Can’t say I’ve played there though yet. Tried a game with the AI, but quit it early since I felt the AI did too many bad moves. Maybe there was some deep strategy I missed out on? 😉 Have started a game with a friend, but we’ve only managed to get to round 2 so far.

    I’ve read some hints here and there about the League and do feel intrigued…

  • '22 '21 '20 '19 '18


    right on. It’s a good way to test things. Yea the AI doesn’t play global real well. It does pretty good on some other games. You can give it extra dough. That makes it harder but still would do weird stuff

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