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Not at war friendly base

  • Hi…

    1. The USA are not at war, but they have moved some navy down to Australia to join up with the anzac navy.
      If USA decides to move away from that pod if Anzac boats and still not still not at war yet, the navy base the Anzac has, can the USA navy units move 3 sz? I only ask because not being at war they may only be allowed just the 2 sz moves.

    2. Also, with the USA not being at war and has stayed amungst the Anzac navy, if japan approached an attack, can japan NOT attack the USA but only the Anzac navy?

    Thanks BH.

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    morning Bravehart.
    The US can only move two, if not at war and its ships would not defend with Anzac.

  • Thanks for the clarification Wittmann.

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