• @Charles:

    Exquisite!  😄 You ought to sell some of these no joke. I am sure you can get a lot of money for them on eBay for instance.

    Thanks Charles, glad you think they are worthy enough for something like that.  I just am a history buff and like the accuracy and historical reference of certain units! makes the game more fun.

  • This is why France should have its own units  😄

  • @Charles:

    This is why France should have its own units  😄

    Actually HBG… a war gaming online store is coming out with a French set! I always thought that the southern France naval units on AA Europe (cruiser and destroyer) should technically belong to the axis… to convey the strong Vichy France naval force in the med that Churchill ended up attacking in fear the germans would take over the ships.

  • France historically is a mess. They are not enough units and where they units are they should be Vichy.

  • Those are very impressive, sir.  Not just the details and kitbashing but the paint job and wash as well.

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