• Hello everyone,
    I am going to paint some of my Global 1940 pieces, and I am wondering what paint would be suitable? Would Enamel or acrylic be better?
    I currently have some Tamiya Acrylic paints, would they be alright to use?

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    I don’t know that brand, but acrylic paint is what I started using, because if you mess up, it is easier to fix than enamel paints.

    I use Vallejo paints, but since you have paints, I would go ahead use what you got.

    You can always buy other paints later.

    I hope that helps. 🙂

  • Thanks for the advice.  🙂

  • I’d second that acrylics are the better option.  Just remember they dry fast so if you mixing them adding water helps them last longer in your paint tray. Also, acrylics can chip or peel easily too so its good to spray over them when your done with a lacquer clear coat for protection.

    Have fun!

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    I use enamel or oil based when using silver.  Acrylic silver seems to clump and you cannot get a smooth shinny finish like you can with oil based.  Other than that I use Vallejo Acrylic  paints for the rest of the colors.

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    I have seen lots of people here use acrylics and I have on occasion. Most of my paints are enamels though. I find that is stays wet longer (which is a good thing) and doesn’t clump up nearly as much on your brush. I also use enamels in my airbrush. I find that enamels are actually much easier to clean than acrylics. While acrylics are water soluble, they don’t just dissolve, especially if already dry. It involves a great deal of scrubbing and scraping. With enamels, all you need is some mineral spirits cleaner and it takes the paint right off with very little effort. Cleaning acrylic paint out of my airbrush was hell the first time I did it… never using acrylics in there again. In terms of the finish, I can only assume that enamels hold up better to bumps and scrapes than acrylic paint does.

    Someone once asked if enamels, by default, have a glossy finish to them. They do not, as long as you are using flat enamels, which seem to be the standard. I use flats and they have an excellent, non-shiny finish. I feel like enamel colors are a little deeper too, on the whole, but I suppose it depends on the brand of acrylic you use. Vallejo seems to be a popular choice for acrylics. I use predominantly Model Masters (Testors) enamels. In general, I would just said to find a brand you like to work with and produces the results you like. Don’t buy super cheap paint… you will get the results you pay for.

    Good luck!

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