Cruiser Rework

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    If Cruisers had the opportunity to attack blockers in a new phase prior to the combat movement phase, I think they would be purchased more. It’s like a blitz ability for the trailing ships, but the Crusiers must stay where they attacked first.

    I like this idea because it emphasizes some kind of special movement capacity.
    It is consistent with a full M3 move, M4 with Naval Base bonus.
    Both could be given to Cruiser.
    In addition, Cruiser can be able to do both Combat Move and Non-combat move.
    So, after taking care of blocker, it can move up to the remaining move points left to reach its naval group during noncombat phase.
    This would be similar to plane movement.

    I would introduce a “Reconnaissance Phase” in which Cruisers (and only cruisers) can attack before the combat movement phase. Each cruiser that attacks during the reconnaissance phase, may not attack during the combat movement phase. Also, I would not allow them to move during the non combat movement phase if they attacked during the reconnaissance phase, that would make blockers obsolete IMO.

    I like recon phase for Cruiser.
    But I don’t see why allowing Cruiser a NCM up to its move allowance remaining would make blocker obsolete.
    A DD worth 8 IPCs, and get at least 1 shot @2 against a 12 IPCs CA.
    Cruiser remains unoptimized purchase on pure combat value basis.
    Large fleet playing cat and mouse will still put blockers. No?

  • @Baron:


    My son and I just finished a game of Global over 3 days and used Cruisers with AA@2. It really added a dimension and raised their use greatly.

    I used them as the UK guarding transports from the Luftwaffe in the Channel and he used them as a deterrent against US air in the Pacific. We’ll keep using the rule since it forced more decisions and while it seemed maybe too powerful, having fleet protection from aircraft was nice.

    We’re thinking on adding it both ways too. We played it as a defensive capability only, but think it should apply to all AC used, even if you’re attacking and your opponent is scrambling or using carrier AC.

    It appears too overpowered.
    Do you think if cruiser get same ability as AAA (@1 first strike vs up to 3 planes), you would have a similar game experience?

    Rereading my post, I presented it wrong, I meant AA up to 2 units, but only hits on 1, not 2.

  • 2017 '16

    In that case, it is a fine way to incente more cruiser purchase.
    I played once with attacking AA cruiser, it was not OP.
    But I just found this strange that a boat directly hit planes while Fgs could not.

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