Looking for players in Central Indiana

  • Topic says it all!  I’m looking for players in Central Indiana (willing to drive or host).  Mostly looking for some G40, but I’m also open to play G42.2, AA50, and/or AAR.

    Let me know!

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    I’m in Lafayette, and would be interested in gaming.  Of course, winter in Indiana isn’t the best time for planning travel, but it’s not impossible  😄

    It’s a little ways off, but I had been toying with registering to run/play some A&A at Who’s Yer Con this April.  It’s a free gaming convention on the west side of Indy close to the airport.  If there’s any interest in that I can definitely move forward with that as well.

  • I’m down for a game at Who’s Yer Con!  To be honest, with this winter travel is completely plausible!

    What version are you interested in playing?

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    I’d love to try and get a face to face game of G40, been doing it play by post, but it loses a little something.  I have 1914, the original, D-Day, Guadalcanal, and the original Pacific and Europe games, but G40 or 1914 are currently my favorites.  Will play any of them though, gladly.

    There’s a game store in West Lafayette that has a lot of game table space available, or can try and set something up for around Indy.  I’m unfortunately not going to be free the next couple of weekends, but can probably look for something in February…depending on the weather.

  • I’m not free for a G40 game until February as well, so the timing on that will work out great (depending on weather).  I’ve never played 1914, but I would really like to try it sometime.

    I’ll PM you in mid February to look at schedules.

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    What part of Central Indiana? Near Indianapolis? I live in Louisville, KY, kind of far but trying to find a table top game for any Axis and Allies game has become near impossible here. I prefer Global 1940 or the new Global 1942.

  • Yes, I am in Indianapolis.  I don’t mind G40 or G42.2.

    It’s becoming near impossible to find players here too…

  • Would be interested in playing most A&A titles.Currently living in Greenfield In. but moving to Noblesville In. on 8/9/2016.My email address is landrosh@yahoo.com.
                                                                      Best wishes,
                                                                      Frederic Jon

  • Sending you an email!!!

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    Hi there again…I’m organizing a meetup group for Louisville, KY. I have rented my Condo’s clubhouse for the event. I’ve advertised on the local Louisville, KY board game meetup group and Facebook website. If you know anyone looking for a good game session, please consider this option.

    The date is 22 October 2016. I’m hoping to start gaming at 0930…but would consider starting a little bit later if people were coming from as far as Indianapolis, IN.

    I have enough boards for two games of Global 1940 or Global 1942.


  • I want to come down and support you, but that’s my daughter’s birthday weekend 😞

  • Hey,

    I live in Indianapolis, and my group of 2-5 plays Anniversary typically on a Saturday or Sunday, usually noon-6pm. We can go earlier or later. We play at my house in Fountain Square.

    Is anyone available in the area?

    Jordan Smith

  • @nicholsonfile I am in Carmel, and I’m potentially interested in some games. Emailing me is probably the easiest way to get a hold of me. willijaa.as@gmail.com

  • @nicholsonfile I just moved to Fountain Square and looking for local groups to join in on. I have global 40 and 1942. Only played global a handful of times. Still somewhat new.

  • @drewfromtx glad to see more Axis and Allies players here in Indy!

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