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    This is how i do bidding in my games…


    Bidding determines who plays the Axis and the Allies and aids play balance. The bidding procedure follows.

    1. Each player secretly enters a bid for Germany. The lower bid plays the Axis powers with the benefits of the winning bid placed on the board during the game setup. For multi-player games, the lowest bid plays Germany, and the second lowest bid plays Japan.
    2. Bids are compared by IP value and may consist of extra units (land, air, or sea) and/or additional IP for Germany.
    3. Bids may not consist of advanced weapons development.
    4.Land units may be placed in any territory controlled by Germany. Naval units may be placed in any sea zone currently occupied by German units.
    5.Negative value bids are allowed (removing German units and/or IP) but may not be combined with the addition of units or IP.
    6.Tying bids are resolved by die roll.


    1. Player 1 bids 16 IP (five extra German infantry in Ukraine and 1 IP).
    2. Player 2 bids 19 IP (2 subs in Western Spain and 1 infantry in Ukraine).
    3. Player one will play the Axis with five additional German infantry in Ukraine and a starting IP total of 36.

  • Why only Germany?

    Why not an “Axis” bid for a 2-player game, and the Axis player determines where the X IPC’s are distributed between Germany and Japan?

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    As you can see the second lowest bid is assigned japan, which is of secondary importance IMO (less important than Germany). Most people would accept that Germany has the burden of carrying the most of the allied efforts to defeat the axis.

  • Probably one of the most frequent bids though, for power africa, is most inf to africa, and 1 or 2 to manchuria. Generally I believe it is decided between the axis where the IPCs are spent, not just by germany. Anyone can implement the rules however they want though.

  • So, in a 2 player game, it is an “Axis” bid then, TY.

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    Yes the lowest two bidders play axis (Germany then Japan)

    on the other matter… the units that you recieve are at your disposal. You can do a “power afrika” or whatever. My bidding process does not interfere with that in the slightest.

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